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Hey! my name is craig gross

I work with the team at Better&Better, but I enjoy working with people like
you and helping folks with building out their strategies online.

Here is a bit of background about me

Twenty years ago, I bought my first website.

I remember using my AOL connection to visit Network Solutions, where I registered the domain name

I used to travel the country as a youth speaker. I would sell t-shirts, visors, and glow necklaces to kids after the shows. Cash only. Back then, no one used credit cards at the merchandise table, but I’d pass out stickers with the website listed and tell students they could order online.

We began shipping shirts out of our garage after our events. It’s funny – we started selling online before we even banked there (and before most people did anything on the internet besides look at porn).

Speaking of porn (and the way it seemed to hit the internet like the greatest thing since sliced bread), a few years later, I launched as a safe place to help people who were struggling with it online.

Twenty years later, I’m still in this space. I own 349 domain names on my GoDaddy account. Over 100 of those domains have projects, stores, sites, blogs or some form of content on them. The others are ideas that I just haven’t shipped…yet.  If I had to sum up what I do best – I get sh*t done and make things happen.

Here are a few of the ones that have, though

I am the founder and executive director of Over 100 Million people have visited our website, and we've become the most extensive sex addiction/recovery resource online.

We created this software in 2004 as a free solution to help people be accountable online. It is now available on six different platforms, with over 1.3 million downloads.

In 2007, I started selling e-courses. Since then, my team and I have developed over 30 online video courses for our companies, and other organizations and influencers.

We built a solution to facilitate recovery support groups for people in need, over the internet. These are – quite literally – small groups, online. &

I helped launch both of these organizations, served on their boards, and contributed to their early development.

These two books have sold over 200k copies, through the publishing company that I helped create, called Aloha and Rain.

I started this company with Jefferson Bethke. We work with influencers and artists, supporting them with literally everything explained on the previous page of Better&Better. We create video courses, books (and workbooks), membership sites, mastermind groups, and much more, generating sales for each product and building a network of diversified income for our clients. (Better&Better is an agency, whereas Aloha and Rain serve as a publisher.)

Collide Mastermind & Influencer Inner Circle

I created and host/facilitate two mastermind groups: one for solopreneurs and business owners seeking to grow their businesses, and one for social media influencers looking to expand, build community and monetize their platform. Speaking of these kinds of groups, I am currently in Jeff Walker’s Platinum Plus Mastermind. I’ve taken Ryan Levesque’s ASK Method Masterclass. I’ve spent time learning from Stu McLaren and run my membership sites based upon his model.

I could go on, but the point is: I build a lot of things online, and I’m qualified to teach you how to do the same.


At the same time: I am not a technician, creative, designer, photographer, videographer, artist, influencer, copywriter, or any combination of these things.

But I know the people who are, and some of the best of them are a part of the team here at Better&Better.

I love connecting dots – whether they’re people to people or people to resources that will benefit their endeavors – and I’d like to draw lines between a few of them for you.

If you would like to jump on a 30-minute strategy call with me, I can steer you in the right direction.

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